Whom We Serve

Anyone who needs expert communications skills to enhance bottom-line performance.

Companies looking to…

Improve Communications

Companies, institutions, and individuals in a period of change that want to shape that change through improved communications.

Lower Cost, Enhance Performance

Companies that want to lower costs and enhance performance by outsourcing or supplementing the resources of their in-house public relations.

Reposition for Industry Leadership

Companies that need to explain new technologies, products or services.

Develop Tailored Solutions

Companies and organizations that know that diverse audiences require tailored solutions.

Individuals Such As…

Future-Thinking Executives

Future-thinking executives who want objective evaluations of their communications practices before taking action.

Reputation-Sensitive Individuals

Reputation-sensitive individuals and companies that want to communicate effectively in a crisis or prepare for crises before they happen.

CEOs and Senior Management

CEOs and senior managers who need the confidence that comes from expert media training and presentation coaching.